COST Action CA20112
PlatfoRm OF policy Evaluation community for improvED EU policies and Better ACKnowledgement




PROFEEDBACK organises conferences biannually in order to create a network to enhance knowledge creation and transfer in bottom-up and open approach in the field of policy evaluation. The Action aims to discuss and resolve common dilemmas concerning all axes of the quadruple helix engaging 1) service users and authorities charged with policy evaluation 2) EU decision makers 3) Civil society, NGOs and service providers 4) Evaluation networks and associations at national and European level 5) Council of Europe 6) Academia 7) Business actors. The Action will be open throughout its lifetime to new members with special regard to the next generation of evaluators. Networking is not limited to the research community and an extensive exchange of views and experiences between European countries will also be implemented in order to build a policy evaluation community and coherence across Europe.

The half-yearly conferences will provide the opportunity to participants to go into details in various horizontal topics along relevant research and methodological questions determined by the Working Groups. Besides sharing research results, knowledge and practical experiences related to the topics listed below, participants will have the chance to formulate questions which cannot be generally asked and discussed either from the point of theory or practice. To ensure that the ambition of the topics is not at the expense of the quality of the conferences, the articulation of the conference topics and the proposed activities will be continuously supervised by the Management Committee.

Conferences are organized in the following topics:

2022/1: Evaluation of public policy responses to “black swans” (crises like COVID-19) – 28 APRIL 2022 – BUDAPEST, HUNGARY

2022/2: Social Inclusion, Migration (in particular interventions related to integration/assimilation) – 12 SEPTEMBER 2022 – MARIBOR, SLOVENIA

2023/1: Rural and Territorial Development, Urban Development – 18 MAY 2023 – BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA

2023/2: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, Green Transition, Circular Economy – OCTOBER 2023 – BELGRADE, SERBIA

2024/1: Social Policy, Social Innovation, Quality of Life, Public Health – TO BE ANNOUNCED

2024/2: Business Development, SMEs, Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness – TO BE ANNOUNCED

2025/1: Research and Innovation, Digitalization – TO BE ANNOUNCED

2025/2: Public Education, Youth Policy – TO BE ANNOUNCED


OPEN CALL – Inclusiveness Target Countries Conference Grants

OPEN CALL – Inclusiveness Target Countries Conference Grants

Are you a researcher or innovator under the age of 40? Have you been accepted to present a paper at an international conference? Is your institution based in a COST ITC (Inclusiveness Target Country) or a COST NNC (Near Neighbour Countries)? The Inclusiveness Target...

OPEN CALL – Dissemination Conference Grants

OPEN CALL – Dissemination Conference Grants

Are you a member of the PROFEEDBACK Action? Have you been accepted to present a paper at an international conference in 2023? The Dissemination Conference Grants provide financial support up to 850 EUR to PROFEEDBACK Action member for their participation in high-level...

2nd PROFEEDBACK Conference | Maribor, 12-13 September 2022

2nd PROFEEDBACK Conference | Maribor, 12-13 September 2022

PROFEEDBACK aims to foster the networking of the policy evaluation community at EU-level, raise awareness on the importance of evaluation policy research and improve its impact on policy-making. The Platform, following a bottom-up and open approach, will gather...