COST Action CA20112
PlatfoRm OF policy Evaluation community for improvED EU policies and Better ACKnowledgement


PROFEEDBACK is fostering the networking of the policy evaluation community at an EU level to raise awareness of the importance of policy evaluation and improve its effect on policy making. Through half-yearly conferences, peer-to-peer learning sessions, Short Term Scientific Missions and yearly Training Schools, the Action is actively engaging in a bottom-up approach to bring together various actors and stakeholders engaged in policy evaluation and create a platform for dialogue.

PROFEEDBACK maintains an open approach reaching out towards every actor within the Quadruple Helix: science, policy, industry and civil society to deliver a platform for cross-sectoral and multi-disciplinary knowledge creation and transfer. The opportunity to join in PROFEEDBACK through Working Groups and the Management Committee is open throughout the Action.


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Working groups

Working Group 1: Theoretical concept of policy evaluation. To design an excellent evaluation and to properly select between the potential methodologies the evaluator should understand 1) the intervention logic of the given policy or programme, 2) the incentives and limits of policy makers, and 3) the technical limits (time, data availability and financial resources) of evaluation. WG1 will address these issues.

Working Group 2: Quantitative methods and data collection. There is a wide range of quantitative methods to be used in evaluation from benchmarking and simple statistics to econometrics and (macro)modelling. WG2 will deal with various methodological dilemma arise on the use of data and the limitation of data availability as well as with the question of how interpret and communicate evaluation findings which is based on quantitative samples.

Working Group 3: Qualitative and participatory methods. WG3 will focus on qualitative and participatory methods. The main topics addressed by this WG are 1) the applicability of these methods with regard to stakeholder involvement, 2) explaining complex situations by providing results in an understandable way to the general public.

Management Structure           

The decision-making body of PROFEEDBACK is the Management Committee (MC). It will meet annually to decide on the organization of the Action’s main scientific and networking activities. The MC’s main responsibility is to take necessary actions to meet the aims and objectives of PROFEEDBACK by assuring all relevant aspects of the management of the network, stakeholder engagement and dissemination of results, and to contribute to the mission and strategic priorities.

The MC will be strongly supported by the Core Group (CG) responsible for the coordination and management of the Action. It will harmonize the work of the different WGs and Task Forces and facilitate effective communication among them. It will review the deliverables, prepare materials for the MC and carry out monitoring and evaluation tasks as well as risk management.

The Action MC shall meet at least once a year face to face, by virtual means or in hybrid mode. Action MC Members and Observers shall be invited to the Action MC meetings by default. The Action MC may invite to its meetings any other individual relevant for the progress of the Action in an advisory position.

Action Chair: Gábor Balás

Grant Holder Institute: HÉTFA Research Institute Ltd.

Vice-Chair: Tarmo Kalvet

WG1 Leader: TBA

WG2 Leader: TBA

WG3 Leader: TBA

Grant Awarding Coordinator: Noémia Bessa Vilela

Science Communication Manager: Renáta Anna Jaksa