COST Action CA20112
PlatfoRm OF policy Evaluation community for improvED EU policies and Better ACKnowledgement



We are delighted to announce the publication of the Evaluation on Rural and Territorial Development, Urban Development – PROFEEDbook3!

PROFEEDbooks support multidisciplinarity, the systematisation of different methodologies and the exact transfer of know-how for the policy evaluation community. These also serve the interests of European and national policy-makers in developing the frameworks of the next programming periods and of a common European evaluation culture. In addition, the PROFEEDbooks enrich the literature of public policy, aiming to develop theory, knowledge, method and tool base of European evaluation policy as well as a common understanding of the current problems and challenges. PROFEEDbooks will support the Action in reaching audience beyond the Action members.

The 3rd PROFEEDBACK Conference focuses on Evaluation on Rural and Territorial Development, Urban Development. During the conference, we discuss evaluation results on regional development policies to understand: factors influencing the effectiveness of these policies at the national or regional level, strengths and challenges of the methodologies applied to measure the success of regional development policies, challenges of policy evaluation in distinguishing between short-term versus long-term effects of social inclusion policies, role and efficiency of social innovation in the regional development, impact of the global megatrends on the issues related to fair regional development.

The conference has taken place in Bratislava, Slovakia between 18-19 May 2023. The event has been organised by the Centre for Social and Psychological Sciences of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

The ‘Evaluation on Rural and Territorial Development, Urban Development – PROFEEDbook3’ publication can be accessed here.