COST Action CA20112
PlatfoRm OF policy Evaluation community for improvED EU policies and Better ACKnowledgement



Training schools

The PROFEEDBACK Action puts a special emphasis on carrier development of its members and beyond, including Training Schools which provide a unique opportunity especially for carrier entrants to get intensive theoretical and practical training focusing on current topics of policy evaluation. During the four-year course of the Action, four training schools are going to take place.

Training Schools serve to help the Action achieve their objectives and deliver impact with regard to:

  • Capacity Building: Allowing COST Actions to provide training for Researchers and Innovators in highly specialised topics which are essential for the Action. They are the tool for transferring know-how among all types of actors and building interdisciplinary expertise;
  • Research Coordination: Training Schools can also be used for reaching specific results (e.g., data collection or analysis, training on methodologies developed by the Action) in support of the objectives of the COST Action.

Training Schools benefit to:

  • Trainers:
    • Networking with colleagues and next generation of researchers working in the same area;
    • Setting the “standard” and/or shape new and emerging areas of knowledge;
    • Developing and improving their own teaching materials.
  • Trainees:
    • Meeting and networking with peers and leaders of the area and, build the next generation of researchers;
    • Getting critical knowledge and skills to deepen their own research;
    • Creating potential for career opportunities.